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Playing Forward and 18moons partner to release The VRoom

Playing Forward and 18moons partner to release The VRoom


Playing Forward is using The VROOM, it’s software for 3D and augmented reality story-telling, to create a range of enthralling, animated and augmented reality 3D story worlds for young children. Playing Forward is launching with Bark in the Dark, from the Maxi the Taxi Dog stories, Dex T-Rex from Stan Lee’s Kids Universe and It’s Just So… from Notable Kids Publishing.

Each story is carefully selected for its ability to entertain and engage whilst addressing issues that children commonly face in their social
and emotional development. Many more stories are already under development. Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) multiply the fun-factor for kids while making best use of their daily allowance of screen time. VROOM games and stories are designed in collaboration with child development professionals to promote empathy, problem-solving abilities, personal resilience, and the management of emotions—what educators call “social-emotional learning” (SEL).


Playing Forward is excited to be partnering with 18moons to bring augmented reality experiences to kids across the globe through their Planet Kids App. “Their multi-language, multi-media app for kids is ideal for The VROOM’s applications,” said Richard Harris of Playing Forward, and their ‘learning through play’ platform aligns with our mission to both entertain and educate”.

Playing Forward’s offerings enables the development of age-appropriate use of Augmented and Mixed Reality in children’s entertainment, presented through a range of innovative and engaging experiences, including enabling a physical picture book to come to life as an animated 3D pop-up world, when viewed through a smartphone or tablet.

The VROOM experiences will be accessible through a variety of formats including: physical story books, app-based games, video streaming, and Holotoons™, the world’s first 3D cartoons. The VROOM stories are currently available on Apple smartphone and tablet apps, and coming soon to Android, Planet Kids, Windows 10 and Smart TVs. Planet Kids app provides aggregated, multi-media content for kids through a strategic partner network reaching over 120 million families with preschoolers in 19 countries.

About Playing Forward
Playing Forward is a technology and content development company focusing on the creation of engaging and compelling interactive experiences in augmented and mixed reality.

About 18moons

18moons is a global media company headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, recently recognized in Kidscreen’s Hot50 for digital media. Their learning through play platform is utilized by content and distribution partners like the BBC for the CBeebies preschool app, available in multiple languages in 19 countries.

Media Contacts:
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Jan Rimmel, CMO
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18moons Initial Coin Offering

18moons Initial Coin Offering

The way we create content, consume content and exchange content has been completely disrupted by demographic shifts, social media and technological advances in a mobile-centric world. The increased appetite for on-demand content coupled with the emergence of blockchain technology creates a unique opportunity for creative talents to fully exploit their creative contributions as well as monetize their intellectual property through a completely transparent and equitable smart contract system.

Up until this time, there have been significant barriers that limit both the access to markets as well as the income generated by creative content. The power was concentrated in the hands of a few big players who had both the means to reach audiences as well as the resources to create and distribute content. The convergence of mobile, technological advancements and blockchain is unleashing a new wave of creative innovation and 18moons is at the forefront of this movement.

We are excited to announce the launch of 18moons Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which will expand content development and distribution opportunities through our Planet Kids platform. Our token crowdsale will bring instant utility to both the creative community as well as our end consumers, parents and kids, who will benefit from the ever-changing universe of global, local and original content that will be unlocked through the use of our tokens, Planet Kids Coins (PKC).

Download the Whitepaper here to learn more..


The New State of Early Childhood Development

The New State of Early Childhood Development

Three profound changes over the past several decades have coincided to produce a dramatically altered landscape for early childhood development, service delivery and child-rearing worldwide.

Firstly, an explosion of research in the neurobiology, in behavioral and social sciences has led to major advances in understanding the conditions that influence children development and if they get off to a promising or a worrisome start. Read More Here…

18moons acquires Playrific assets

18moons acquires Playrific assets

As of January 2017, 18moons has acquired most of the assets of Billerica, MA, based Playrific, inc. The deal involves all apps and websites tied to the services of Playrific, under their brand name. More of the games, activities and apps developed by Playrific can be seen at